Thursday, November 21, 2013

Security Monitor Pro 4.48 Full Version Free Download

Download Security Monitor Pro 4.48 For PC

Free of charge Download Security Monitor Pro four.48 Full Version Computer software

  • Experiment with several IP cameras or webcams to monitor and record video.
  • Get instant e-mail notification when motion or noise is detected by your camera.
  • Schedule each and every camera to start off and automatically monitor, either every day or weekly off.
  • Each camera is individually configured to monitor for continuous recording or motion.
  • Broadcast video from your camera so you can see it from afar.
  • Stamp and video recording with date and time for legal purposes.
  • To support Safety Monitor Pro for typical monitoring scenarios use the wizard to configure.
  • Sent to your mailbox with a image of the event e-mail to receive notifications.
  • With the camera recording the event history and see all the pictures.
  • Upload recorded videos and safe storage or internet site to see the photographs to any FTP server.

Download Security Monitor Pro 4.48 For Windows

Security Monitor Pro 4.48 Full Version Free Download
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